9th EARSeL Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy, Luxembourg, 14-16 April 2015

EARSeL’s Special Interest Group on Imaging Spectroscopy aims to encourage international discussions among specialists working with innovative Earth Observation technologies.

The 9th meeting, jointly organized by Trier University and the CRP – Gabriel Lippmann, builds on the 8 previous successful workshops and will be held in Luxembourg in April 2015.

The workshop will cover all themes related to imaging spectroscopy. Hyperspectral remote sensing has started to move from a largely airborne to a fully spaceborne capability with the development of a number of satellite spectrometers, which will be launched in the next few years. Nevertheless, we find an increasing number of airborne and UAV-based systems in the research community with many new possible applications. At the same time the latest imaging spectrometers measure not just the traditional visible and near-infrared regions, but now also cover fluorescence and the thermal- and mid-infrared regions. These technical developments have fostered a number of groundbreaking research fields.

More details: EARSeL-IS-2015.pdf