Summer School 2023 – « Environmental point clouds classification »

15 May [online] + 12-15 June [Rennes, France]

The CNRS, the University of Rennes and the University of Potsdam are pleased to announce their summer school on « Environmental point clouds classification » which will be held online (15 May) and in-person (12-15 June) in Rennes, France.

15 May (online) will be dedicated to an introduction to point clouds in the geosciences, classification, and machine learning.

12 June to 15 June (on site in Rennes) will cover several theoretical background lectures and hands-on exercises on point-cloud classification. We will work with different datasets and types, including airborne and terrestrial lidar and Structure-from-Motion based point clouds from urban and natural environments.

4 invited speakers will present their work focused on deep learning approaches to point clouds classification. It will be possible to remotely attend the invited speakers without registration and details will be made available at a later date.

Target audience

  • Early career researchers including postdoctoral researchers
  • Graduate students
  • Research support engineers
  • Staff from companies and agencies using point clouds in the field of geosciences


  • Basic knowledge of Python is required to follow this course and participate in exercises. Python beginners may have difficulties following practical exercises.

Expected learning outcomes

  • Understanding deterministic (classical) airborne LiDAR tools to classify points, especially ground points: principles, caveats, and pitfalls.
  • Concepts of machine learning for classification and introduction to deep learning.
  • Creating labels for improved classification with CloudCompare and Python-based approaches.
  • Learn how to use 3DMASC, a new classification plugin for CloudCompare.
  • Learn how to use Python for custom-based point cloud classification.
  • Applying the tools on various datasets (natural and mixed urban environments) from different sources: ALS, TLS, SfM.


  • Graduate students and other early career researchers 150€
  • Staff from private sector 1000€

All pauses, lunches (June-12, 13, 14, 15) and dinners (June-12, 13, 15) are included in the registration fees. Accommodation is not included.

More information, pre-registration:

P. Leroy (CNRS, University of Rennes)
D. Lague (CNRS, University of Rennes)
B. Bookhagen (University of Potsdam)
A. Rheinwalt (University of Potsdam)
M. Letard (University of Rennes)